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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I meet with you before a session?

Heck yeah! During our consultation meeting I’ll show you examples of my work, and we’ll discuss what you are envisioning.   If you are an actor looking for headshots, we will be looking how you are cast and market yourself.  We can also get input from your agent or manager if necessary.


What are your rates?

We provide quality results personally catered to you. Our rates range from $350-600 a session.

Before the session we will have a face-to-face or phone consultation to discuss pricing that fits yours budget.  We accept checks and cash on our session day.  Checks can be written to Legacy 10 Photography.


How long does a session last?

A session typically runs 2-4 hours, depending on the type of shoots we will do. If you request a hair and makeup stylist, I will request that you arrive earlier so we have time to prepare and so we don’t cut into our shooting time.


What type of shoots do you do?



Actor headshots


Engagement Photos



Your Imagination!


Do you do weddings or events?

We only do events on special occasion.  Weddings are available depending on schedule.  We are in high demand, and it is best to discuss it over the phone to find out the best situation for you.  Each event is different.  Rates will be discussed during consultation.


Where do we shoot?

During the consultation, we will discuss the best location for the shoot.  There are many factors that go into scouting locations.  Many of our clients like to shoot in the comfort of their own home, especially for more private shoots.  We will bring proper lighting if necessary. We usually shoot in outdoor natural light, so weather can be a factor for instance.  If we decide to shoot in a studio, we will discuss the right location in the city you are in.  There will be separate charges if a studio rental is decided.  We have a list of locations if we decide to go this route.  Another factor is if we decide to shoot in a public area, where local laws and regulations in terms of permits need to be considered. 


What about hair and make-up?

I work with several professional, freelance hair & makeup artists.  We will be able to contact them in case you feel more comfortable having a stylist around to help you prepare pre-shoot, especially if you are going for a more retro or vintage look.  These freelance artists are hired separately and will be a separate fee to them.  We have many resources in your specific area that can help you with that.  Most of them work on an independent basis and their fees vary depending on what services you need, but they are competitive with typical rates.  You are welcome to bring along your own makeup artist to accompany us on the shoot.


How many “looks” do you shoot?

We don’t like to limit the number of looks we shoot, however, because there is a limited amount of daylight hours and location shooting is time intensive, we will discuss the major looks you need during our consultation meeting. Feel free to bring as many changes as you want, however, we will be on a time schedule. A“look” is a type of personality or character you are interested in being cast as, whether it be a detective, a young mom, a corporate lawyer, or a blue-collar worker.  At the same time, I shoot for true real looks as opposed to hokey costumes.  If you are an actor, how do you see yourself being cast? What kinds of roles do your agent and/or manager submit you for?


What is your approach?

It is very intimidating to have your photo taken. Actors you’re not used to looking directly into the lens and breaking the “fourth wall”.  I treat my sessions like a fun improv workshop.  I try not to just pose people, but rather get them into natural real positions.  If you feel awkward or uncomfortable, you are going to look like it in your pictures.  We are all about making you feel comfortable and getting true real moments.  Even though I say I don’t pose you, feel free to read the “TIPS” section of the website.


Can I bring an escort?

Of course!  I want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable, especially if it is more of an artistic shoot.  However, I do prefer to work one-on-one privately so we are not distracted.   Also, feel free to bring music or an ipod to the session.  This will be discussed at the first consultation.


What do I need to know when we meet?

Please be on time or early to the session, especially if we have rented a studio space.  Make sure you are hair and make-up ready.


What format do my headshots come in?

 I will post your pictures to a private link in high-resolution jpg format, where you will be able to have access to all of them.  We can burn a disc on request and send it to you as well.   You will be able to take these images to a printing company if you need hard copy headshots.  We will give you separate links for rough shots and edited shots.


Do you retouch the photos?

We retouch and stylize some specific pictures we agree on.  I am not a digital artist, retoucher, or graphic artist by trade.  We usually will retouch five selected photos, depending on our agreement during our consultation.


How many pictures do I get and how soon do I get them?

 The number of pictures varies, but you will receive a minimum of 250 photos, with the average being around 400.


Do you have a policy for re-shooting?

I only consider free re-shoots due to technical reasons.


What if I need to cancel our session?

Please refrain from cancelling sessions.  I understand you may have auditions or personal emergencies, but please be kind and professional and stick to the assigned meeting time.  We wish to not put in a cancellation fee or something crazy like that.






With highly competitive rates, we specialize in discounted actor headshots for those in the entertainment business. 

3 Changes / Looks  $350

You keep the disc with all of the raw Images.

With over a decade of experience in Hollywood , we  can help consult you  or your representation to find  the brand of YOU.  



Please call to discuss pricing.