About Legacy 10 Photography

"Style, sentimentalism, and a touch of 'Modern Americana' "

Legacy 10 Photography specializes in actor headshots, vintage pinups, boudoir, engagement photos, pets, portraits,  and especially your journeys.  LEAVE YOUR LEGACY.

With highly competitive rates, we also specialize in discounted actor headshots for those in the entertainment business.  We are based in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

 *Legacy 10 Photography is not affiliated with the Legacy10 Initiative in England.


Photographer, Benjamin Hisoler, has been in the entertainment and fitness industries for twenty years, specializing in film production, casting and acting.  He was a former casting asociate for commercials, and partner of Remington Talent Agency.  He currently advises in the fitness industry.




" It was so much fun shooting with Ben. He really knows how to get you to really be yourself and so he really captures the essence of you. Thanks Ben!"

-Corinna Harney-Jones, Actress, Model, Playboy Playmate of the Year

"When it comes to photo shoots, I've never felt more comfortable, safe and confident than when I shot with Ben. He knows how to make you feel perfectly at ease, so you can really just be yourself and forget there’s even a camera around! The result? Beautiful shots that captured my personality to a T. I couldn’t have been happier with the process and the result (my bikini photo has gotten me out on a multitude of national commercials). Thanks, Ben!"

-Angela Fornero, Actress and Model

"Ben is the utmost professional. He's able 2 relax his clients so that the shoot is fun. His direction is precise and he is able to elicit the desired responses from his talent that result in the highest quality product. The dude rocks!”

-Chuck Prater, Actor

"Working with Ben was unlike any photoshoot I've done. I didn't feel like I was just a model, posing in awkward and uncomfortable positions for pictures...I felt like I an artist collaborating with a peer to create a rich, creative and wonderful experience. The results not only proved I was right, but blew me away.  It's a rare blessing to walk away from such an easy going, respectful and extremely fun shoot with such beautiful images. Ben is a truly special photographer with a unique ability to turn anything he sees into something special. I would shoot with him again anytime!"

-Kristina Denton, Actress and Model

"As a working actor in hollywood, i have had dozens of headshot sessions.  they have always been dreaded and excruciatingly painful until i shot with Ben; with him it was more like "playing" and less like "working."  This ease that he has as a person and as a photographer allowed me to be myself and be natural and let the real thoughts and moments come through.  Not only did i get some of the best pictures i've ever taken in their raw form, Ben has an artist's eye when he retouches them and makes looks and things pop in ways that you never imagine.  From start to finish, it was absolutely the most fun time I've ever had "working;" with an incredible product as the bonus."

-Nicola Graham, Actress